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Additional Driver
When there is more than one driver associated with a hire, the second and any subsequent drivers are referred to as the additional

Airport Surcharge
An additional charge that applies at certain airport locations to ALL fees associated with the hire and included during the quoting process.

Collision Damage Waiver.

Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) and Liability Excess Reduction Options:

Standard Insurance Cover is included in your rental fee, and indemnifies
the Hirer and Authorised Drivers for damage to the Entrans Vehicle and Third Party Property, subject to the Terms and Conditions. Entrans
strongly recommends reducing your liability in the event of loss or damage
for a small daily fee. 

The location and/or time from when a hire starts. 

Credit Card Imprint

As per Standard Rental Insurance Specifications, A Credit Card Imprint is
Required and Must be Signed at or Prior to Commencement of the Rental as
security over vehicle whilst on hire, this Credit Card must hold available
funds to cover Insurance Excess chosen.

Credit Card Surcharge
Cost percentage levied to cover merchant fees from certain Credit Card Companies. 

The location and/or time, from when a hire ends. 

Drivers Age Restrictions.
All drivers must be over 25 years old, and hold an open unrestricted drivers licence for the vehicle class to be hired.

Drop Bear
Uniquely Australian Animal that lives in trees, it has been known to fall out of trees without warning onto tourist’s heads, campervans and tents if pitched too close to trees.

Goods and Services Tax, a Government Tax that is levied on all products, goods and services bought and sold in Australia. 

Infringement Processing Fee
Administration Fee charged for the processing of all unpaid Traffic Violations, Parking Offences and Unpaid Tolls, this covers the costs incurred for time, stationary, postage and travel involved in processing each demand received.

Australian Car Hire vehicles all have mandatory third party cover. You may increase your level of insurance when you pick up your vehicle. 

Australian Marsupial found in all parts of Australia, sometimes seen bounding up and down the main streets of our large and small cities and towns. Also an Australian Rugby League representative seen winning most games.

Small 12 seat bus that is able to be driven on a normal car licence in Australia. 14 seaters need special licence.

Small People Mover or small Minibus or bus.

To hire a vehicle at one location and to return it at another is referred to as a one-way hire. 

Luxury 8 seat Toyota vehicle, also known as a Tarago.

Royal Automobile Club of Queensland.

Refuelling Service Charge
A service provided at check-in which enables a customer to return a vehicle which does not have a full tank of fuel.

Rental Agreement
The formal contract, signed by Company and the hirer at the time of check-out, which shows the terms of the rental.

Rental Day
Normally, a 24-hour period which starts at the time of check-out, however can also apply to a rental period that is of several hours’ duration.

Rental Duration/Length
Normally, the total of rental days, however can also apply to a rental of several hours’ duration.

Rental Qualifications
The conditions imposed by a rental location, or country, in order to satisfy their legal requirements. Details of these can be obtained from each renting Company. 

Relocation Fee
The Fee charged when a vehicle is picked up and or returned to another location other than its home depot, quote available on request.

Rental Duration
The time that the vehicle or equipment is in the control of the renter.

Single Vehicle Accident
Damage to vehicles and or equipment where no other party is involved. Note: Single Vehicle Accident
(SVA) Liability Non-Waiverable first $3000 plus GST per incident. This means if you have a
single vehicle accident, you pay the first $3000 plus GST – All Trailers are $3000 plus GST non waivable excess and is not reducable. No exceptions.

Stamp Duty
A Government Tax on sales contracts and agreements.

Luxury 8 seat motor vehicle built by the Toyota Motor Company in Japan, also known as a Previa.

Small People Mover, Minibus, Minivan or Cargo Van suitable for carrying, people, luggage or cargo. Surname prefix of a few famous Dutchmen.

Australian Rugby Union (football) representative, also an Australian Marsupial.

Small Australian animal, this small Marsupial is found mainly on the east coast of Australia in New South Wales and Victoria in the colder regions. Eats, roots and leaves similar to Australian males and females.

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